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Brass Candle Follower 7/8″ (pk of 6) Size : Fits 7/8″ Diameter Altar Candles This pack of 6 candle followers fit a 7/8″ diameter candle. (candles NOT included) Candle Followers improve candle performance, reduce dripping and help candles burn longer. This creates a better visual look for the candles and extends the overall life of the candle. How To Order: When selecting a candle follower, choose the same size follower as the diameter of your candle. How to Use: To properly use the follower, make sure to “seat” it on the candle by gently pressing it down on the top of the candle and giving a slight twist to ensure a proper seal between the burner and the candle. Done proiperly, the you should be able to turn the candle upside down and the follower will remain attached to the candle. How It Works: Basically the candle followers allows the wax to pool up and burn more slowly and his extend the life of the candle. The wick burns at a slower pace by keeping it surrounding by melted wax, which hardens and remelts each time you light the candle. Similar to a tealight or scented candle, the wax surrounds the wick rather than dripping down the sides of the candle, it collects and “protects” the wick. Other factors such as drafts and airflow can effect the burning of candles.