(Age 2-7) Finger Sucking Stop Thumb Sucking Stop for Kids – Limit HAND-TO-FACE using NIPIT Hand Stopper – Toddlers Kids…

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Thumb Sucking Stop *AND* Stop Finger Sucking
The Hand Stopper prevents the elbow from comfortably bending past 90 degrees, and stops the thumb or fingers from being fully inserted into the mouth. Try it for yourself right now – bend your elbow at 90 degrees and try it.

– Rated #1 by dentists to make thumb sucking stop.
– Includes a wall calendar with stickers to motivate and track progress tguard

Nipit was designed with your child’s sensitivities in mind and is ULTRA SOFT. Nipit IS effective, and feels good & looks cool so your child will wear it. Nipit is proven to make thumb sucking stop for kids.

The ideal thumb guard prevents digit sucking in the first place, stays on, and is safe. Avoid thumb sucking gloves that are easy to remove or thumb sucking nail polish with bizarre ingredients.

– For children approx. 2-7 years old. Right or Left arm. Boy or Girl. Fully adjustable.
– Arm circumference AROUND THE ELBOW should be BETWEEN 5″ to 9″ (14-22 cm). MEASURE around the circumference of the elbow (use measuring tape, or string and a ruler).

– Patent pending “stopper” applies firm pressure to stop elbow from bending past 90 degrees.
– Does not obstruct thumb/fingers like other products.
– Stays in place, won’t slide off.
– Will not collect slobber and germs.
– Soft and washable materials.
– Optional Easylock System removable only by an adult.
– Success Calendar with motivational stickers!

– 1 adjustable elbow wrap
– 20 disposable childproof easylock system ties
– 1 Parents Tip Guide & Success Calendar
– 48 Stickers