Alarm Clock Charger,Digital Alarm Clock for Bedroom,with Dual USB Charging Port for Cell Phone and Snooze/Dimmable… Price: $22.99 (as of 23/01/2022 17:33 PST- Details)

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About Homtime ClockCharger

It is a cute digital alarm clock,it does not only display time,but also it can be used to Charge your phone or other mobile devices while you sleep.

Large VN LCD Display & Large Font Display & 25° Tilt Design

VN screen technology offer you much better viewing angles during the day and night.

The large LCD display and the large font and 25° tilt design ensure you view the time easily and clearly.

4 Levels of LCD Dimming & Snooze Funtion 

We all have different sleeping habits, and sometimes the glow of a clock’s LCD appears too bright to somebody at night. The Homtime ClockCharger added another function tothe rotary dial , it also serves as a 4-level brightness adjuster, you can adjust the brightness when you get up and adjust it to be dim  at night. 

Snooze funtion afford you a few extra minutes of sleep by tapping the rotary button.

Safe & Fast USB Charger

Dual USB charging port with 3.1A total power(1 x2.1A ,1 x 1.0A). Built-in surge protection to protect against over charging,surges and overheating, ensuring the delivery of steady power output to each device.

Easy to Set Alarm & Convenient Time-Set Button

Turn the rotary dial to set the time and alarm. It’s very easy! We know how annoying it is to press it repeatedly and hold a button for a long time to set the time or an alarm. So, we’ve made itmuch easier – just turn the rotary dial to the desired time, press “set” andyou are done.