“Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you”-Rumi; Handmade Framed Tableau

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I designed and carved the original of the tile, made a mold, and cast it in cold cast metal. We then put a patina on the tile and inserted it in the frame, which is also handmade and is cast in modified gypsum and hand painted. The piece comes with both a history card affixed to the back of the frame and a card in the box stating: “Rumi (1207-1273) was one of the greatest poets of the spiritual life, of the unmediated experience of the divine. Until he was about 37, he led the life of a religious scholar. Then he became a mystical artist: ‘He turned into a poet, began to listen to music, and sang, whirling around, hour after hour.’ His poems wander through taverns, nature, alleyways, love, sorrow, ecstasy…, but they always come back to the experience of a divinity who is illusive, humorous, cryptic, confusing, yet constantly present and loving, a God perpetually dropping blessings around us. This piece, which was handmade by Hank and Karen Schlau at In the Company of Saints, is based on lines in a poem by Rumi, “Burnt Kabob,” the last stanza of which reads: ‘But listen to me: for one moment,/quit being sad. Hear blessings/dropping their blossoms/around you. God.'” There is a hanger on the back of the frame. The piece comes boxed. Dimensions of frame: 6.75 inches (h) x 8.5 inches (w) x .4 inches (d)