Moderni Lifestyle Premium Marble Coasters – World Class Quality Makrana Marble Round, Square & Hexagonal Designs… Price: $29.99 (as of 07/09/2022 02:09 PST- Details)

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High quality Makrana marble coasters

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Let Your Guests Marvel At Your Taste In The Most Subtle, Chic Way – Starting Today!

Are you a person with an eye for elegance and a taste for refined luxury?

Aren’t you sick and tired of unassuming, bland coasters ruining the otherwise carefully crafted style and image of your office or home – or, even worse, garish ones that scream “tasteless”?

If these sentiments sound all too familiar to you, then you’ll surely be delighted to get your hands on a set of Moderni Lifestyle premium marble coasters. You’ll immediately find out they’re exactly what you’ve been looking for, and more!

A Declaration Of Good Taste – Much More Than Just A Way To Protect Your Furniture

Let’s be honest here; coasters are a must if you want to protect your expensive furniture from water ring marks, spills, and scratches – but, just as importantly, they’re also another part of your home or office’s decor.

Using simple, cheap, or bland coasters will only ruin the image of chic elegance you’ve strived so hard to create. The right ones, however, can take your decor’s sense of style to a whole new level!

The World Class Quality Makrana Marble Of Taj Mahal, Right There On Your Dinner Table

Moderni lifestyle coasters are beautifully crafted from the world famous Makrana marble, and specially designed to fit right in with both classic and modern interior decoration styles. Not only will their protective cork backing keep your furniture safe, they also give off an aura of stylistic superiority you will come to admire at once!

If Makrana marble is good enough for the Taj Mahal, it should do beautifully for your home!

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Parent – Marble Coasters
High quality Makrana marble coasters