Renee Redesigns Handmade Silver Slate Stone Coasters For Drinks | Protect Your Table Tops From Drink Rings and Spills… Price: $36.00 (as of 07/09/2022 02:15 PST- Details)

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☆ STRIKINGLY STYLISH HOME ACCESSORY. Renee Redesigns Gorgeous Silver Slate Coasters are as functional as they are beautiful. Place them under cocktails or hot mugs of coffee and you won’t have to worry about surfaces getting damaged by moisture from drinkware. You can even use our slate coasters for burning your favorite scented candles.

☆ NATURAL SLATE WITH A SILVER FINISH. Our natural slate coasters are handmade, painted in beautiful silver and finished with an extra-durable high-gloss top coat. The soft pads on the bottom prevent slipping and protect your furniture from scratches.

☆ MAKE YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY A SUCCESS. These sublime slate coasters accentuate any décor! Gleaming silver paint highlights the slate’s natural characteristics, which makes each piece truly one of a kind. Whether stacked on your bar or placed on your elegant table tops, our gorgeous slate coaster set will be the ultimate conversation piece of the party. Your guests will be dying to know where you got them!

☆ PROTECT YOUR TABLETOPS. With Renee Redesigns 4-Piece Silver Round Slate Coaster Set you don’t have to worry about damaging your delicate tabletops or counters anymore. Place your hot cups of coffee or ice cold cocktails without the worry of dings, scratches & drink rings.

☆WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK. As of May 2017, we are now using diamond finish clear gloss to top coat our entire collection. In addition to adding a beautiful shine, the wet gloss is extremely durable & is able to withstand the toughest environments. Which means no paint peeling, chipping nor discoloration. Our original inventory has been completely discarded and the current inventory reflects the new collection. In a rare case you aren’t “5 STARS HAPPY” simply let us know and enjoy 100% cash back or receive a Brand New replacement. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose.