Walnut Wood Pallet Coasters, Wood Drink Coasters Gift Set of 4 Wood Coasters made from Walnut

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I make these pallet coaster sets from Northeast Ohio Black Walnut wood that would have otherwise gone to the trash. Each coaster is made by hand in my home wood shop and assembled a single piece at a time. Each pallet beverage coaster has water resistant top coat applied to protect against daily use. Each coaster is unique unto itself and has its own character, yours will look slightly different than the picture. I make these coasters from American Black Walnut. These are made to scale to be as realistic as possible, they come out to about a 1/12th scale pallet. They are constructed with wood glue versus nails but otherwise are miniature replica pallets. Extremely strong and durable, I think you will find them a fun addition to your home or workplace. Each piece was made one at a time in my woodshop and individually tagged ‘Handmade by C. Clark’ when I finish.