Yoga Gifts for Yoga Fans – Set of 4 Yoga Poses on Stone Coasters Price: $44.00 (as of 07/09/2022 02:19 PST- Details)

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In Sanskrit, Bhakti means love and devotion. Show your loved one your sincere devotion with the YogaCoaster set in Bhakti Black.

Our premium materials, like tumbled travertine and marble stone with custom ink imported from Japan, ensure that your coasters last a lifetime. They’ll never smudge or wear and can be used with any beverage–hot or cold! Plus, to protect your furniture and surfaces, each coaster has a layer of durable cork along the bottom.

Give the gift of love and devotion in a unique and thoughtful way… Give the gift of Bhakti Black!

– 4 – 4″x4″ coasters,

– each with a different pose Handcrafted and

– made to order Made from tumbled marble and permanent black ink

– limited quantity available

Ships in just 2 days!

The YogaCoaster Bhakti Black set can be used for a multitude of beverage holding reasons. Bring these beautiful coasters out when you have friends over for wine and Netflix. Or tea after yoga class! Either way, these coasters protect wood and glass furniture from water stains and rings. They make the best yoga gifts for any yoga loving friend!

If you are having guests over, they’ll be happy to see that you have coasters around so they can put their drinks down. Some people feel rude just setting a glass down on your table. What’ll make them happier?

Talking about yoga, of course! The Bhakti Black set is a good conversation starter between old friends and new. Who doesn’t want discuss the benefits of Downward dog while you are hanging out?

The coasters are marble and have a nice weight but also have a protective cork on the bottom to keep any surface it is on safe.

*note: The photos shown are a sample of your set. Due to the unique nature of the individual stone tiles and our custom technique, your coasters may vary slightly from the images shown.